July al Fresco

Al Fresco

We think of the term al fresco as referring primarily to dining (or just being) outdoors. But its original meaning refers to the art technique of fresh paint applied directly onto plaster, often across entire ceilings, giving the viewer a sense of glimpsing the heavens. At The Harvest, you can at least look up to see our beautiful Northwest blue skies from our terrace, making our weekly wine tastings and daily Happy Hours that much more enjoyable.

We’d love to have you visit us at The Harvest this month for our unique outdoor dining experience, with your very own work of art served up in a glass (or two). Al fresco heaven.

Notes from our Customers

Amazing! Best people I know. Best food I have had….love this place!

from K.T.

Good food, good juice!

from F.M.

Excellent food and wine! And everyone who works here is so nice and friendly. The BEST part? We can walk here! Love it!❤️

from J.D.