Weekly Wine Tastings

Every Wednesday and Thursday, The Harvest Wine Bar hosts wine tastings, and every week offers something special: One week’s tastings might focus on Italian whites, the next on South American vintages, and another could be all about Oregon’s own Pinot Noirs.

Enjoy our tastings with your favorite Harvest appetizers and entrées, and maybe, just maybe, Theresa may surprise you with a this-week-only dish that perfectly complements the tasting theme!

  • When: Wednesdays & Thursdays, – 7:30
  • Where: The Harvest Wine Bar, 14559 Westlake Drive (in the small shopping center), Lake Oswego, OR 97035.
  • Questions? Call us for details at 503.747.7263

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  1. oliveWP

    Hi Sybil & Jeff! Just scroll down to the bottom of the page, and enter your e-mail address into the box under “Subscribe to our newsletter”. You’ll get Eric’s weekly newsletter with detailed information about each week’s tastings. (You can also get updates on our Facebook page; there’s a link to this on our home page. ) — Lindy

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