Welcome to The Harvest Wine Club

As a former sales representative for wine distributors up and down the West Coast, I always enjoyed creating a “Wine Club” for the people interested in what I did for a living. For 15 years, I would purchase a few cases of the “little gems” from the various portfolios I was associated with and package up the bottles to deliver to my friends, neighbors, and family members that wanted to taste the wines that I sold.

Now, at The Harvest Wine Bar, we have access to some of the finest wines the world has to offer. From right in our backyard in the Willamette Valley and Washington to faraway locales such as Spain and Italy, we are looking for the incredible values in the world of wine thanks to our fantastic reps that come and sell to our establishment.


  • We only choose wines that the staff would drink ourselves (no passing off undrinkable closeouts)
  • 12 bottles of wine will be selected at your chosen case cost once every 3 months

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